• We the people who live on these lands,

    AKP, CHP, HDP, MHP voters and the voters of other parties

    who are Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Armenian, Greek, Laz, Muslim, Christian,

    Jewish, Sunni, Alevi, believer or non-believer citizens, want to live

    in our country freely and in peace and harmony.

  • We do not want war, we do not want martyrs, we do not want

    our children to kill or be killed, we do not want them to draw

    weapons on each other.

    We do not want to be divided, we do not want to give up our unity.

    We do not want military coups, dictatorship, terrorism or to live under watch.

    We want to go about our daily work, freely and in peace.

  • We do not want to be exploited, assaulted, abused or killed because we are women.

    We do not want to be belittled because we choose to wear a headscraf or assaulted

    because we choose not to. We do not want to live in fear because of our appearance.

    We, men and women, want to live our lives in a state that respects

    our beliefs and cultures where we enjoy freedom and equality.

  • We do not want to be imprisoned without knowing what we are accused of.

    We do not want to be judged by courts in which we do not know what laws apply or

    on whose behalf they are acting on. We do not want to lose our jobs based on

    hearsay or fabricated evidence, without

    having the chance to challenge our accusers.

  • We do not want our kids to be deprived of a good education, our properties to be

    confiscated, our livelihoods taken away from us by arbitrary decisions. We do not

    want to be labeled a ‘terrorist’ when we call for peace, or a ‘traitor’ when we

    speak out for victims. We do not want our wages -the just fruit of our labour-

    to be taken away from us, our houses and villages to be burnt down and destroyed,

    our children to miss out on their education or our youths’ lives to be wasted.

  • We are the people; we are good people with a conscience. Do not use provocations

    to try and turn us into bitter people, do not divide us with words of rancour and hatred,

    do not try to acclimatize us to blood and death. We do not want to accept war, death,

    the death penalty, clashes and fights as normal parts of our daily lives.

  • You who rule this country, you who shape our destiny!

    You were elected to ensure that we the citizens can live freely and in peace,

    not to oppress us and destroy our freedoms.

    Let it be known: We do not consent. We object!

    Hear our voice.